Our School

crindau primary schoolOur school was first opened in 1901 and retains much of the same external features and benefits on the inside from two large halls, spacious classrooms and a library.

We cater for pupils from 3 to 11 years of age and have two Learning Resource classes which support pupils with special learning needs from our own setting and around Newport. There are approximately 350+ children who attend the school.

At our school we strive to offer all our pupils a broad, balanced, creative education regardless of their ability, gender, race, culture or religion. All our learners are given equal opportunities to develop their basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy along with skills in thinking, digital competence and Personal and Social Education, enabling them to access the wider world’ of learning with its wonders and opportunities.

forest schoolAs a whole school team we look forward to making the time your child spends with us at Crindau Primary School enjoyable and fun. Working together in partnership with you and your child to ensure we nurture in your child a love of learning and a fascination for the world in which they live. To do this there will be opportunities both formal and informal sharing of opinions on what has benefited your child and what can be done to continue to improve our school. We look forward to these opportunities and in working together with you to ensure Crindau Primary School continues to achieve the highest standards for all our learners. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time over, issues, concerns, questions or to celebrate things you would like to share with us

Marie Ward