At Crindau Primary School, we believe in providing a curriculum that supports children in reaching their potential and in developing particular aptitudes and talents. Children are encouraged to develop self-confidence as learners, educationally, socially and emotionally. We aim to foster enjoyment and achievement for our children.

The variety of learning opportunities reflect national, local and school based initiatives and priorities. Planning is designed to provide stimulating, motivating and engaging experiences that promote a love of learning.

National Curriculum Subjects are organised within a skills based framework and planning for English, Welsh and Mathematics is in line with the National curriculums and national frameworks. The termly class projects are planned to incorporate every area of learning, in both Key Stage Two and in the Foundation Phase, in order to support creativity and cross curricular learning.

Aspects of learning such as problem solving, planning for enquiry and self evaluation within the curriculum form part of our approach to developing skills, knowledge and understanding of all our children. We use many strategies for developing thinking in our school. Thinking Maps, Thinking Hats, Thinking Dice and Habits of Mind support our children to be reflective, self-motivated and engaged thinkers and problem solvers.

Curriculum delivery is supported by a wide range of resources including Information, Communication and Technology (ICT), the use of artefacts and first hand experiences and educational visits out of school.

A strong feature of our school is the themed weeks and days planned throughout the year, providing focussed mainly practical experiences for the children. Some examples are Eco Day, Science Week, Business Enterprise Week and Black History Week.

Educational visits are organised to support the curriculum and are also important in enhancing social and personal development of the children. Visits may be into the local environment, further afield or residential and there are a range of visitors to the school.


Swimming is time-tabled for a term for every Key Stage Two class and we actively promote healthy choices. The children learn about how to stay fit and healthy, and how they can be responsible and positive citizens of the future.