Our school is made up of a lot of people who work very hard to ensure that all learners in our school develop a love of learning in a school that is caring, healthy, accepting, stimulating and inclusive.

Senior Leadership Team

All our staff and pupils have a leadership role in our school. However, a small group of people bring their ideas together and support them in their development and implementation. This is the senior leadership team made up of the Head teacher, Deputy Head teacher, Foundation Phase and Key Stage 2 Leader, Additional nLearning Needs Leader. Our senior leadership team are very hard working and are committed to ensuring, through team working, that Crindau continues to 'work hand in hand to inspire and celebrate success'.

Our Teachers

We have a good mix of teachers in our school from more experienced teacher to teachers in their first few years of teaching. Our teaching staff are highly motivated and committed to providing great learning experiences for our children in and outside of the class room; which are imaginative and challenging. They work well together and with staff from other schools to explore and develop the best teaching practices so that ‘great teaching’ continue to be a feature of our school.

Our Teaching Assistants

We now have more teaching assistants than teachers in our school which means more of our children are able to work in small groups to ensure personalised learning. Our teaching assistants are all qualified and well trained to deliver a wide range of intervention programmes and strategies to ensure all children achieve their potential and develop high self esteem. This well trained group of professionals are the key to ensuring achievement for all our pupils.

Midday Supervisors

This is a diminishing group of staff who are now supported in their work by our teaching assistants. Lunchtime supervision is an opportunity for out teaching assistants and midday supervisors to engage in play alongside our pupils and to develop their skills of cooperation and keep them active and healthy.

School Support Officers

These are often the staff who you will meet first at our school. They have a difficult job in keeping the school machine well oiled and supporting everyone else to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. Our school support officers play a big part in ensuring the wellbeing of everyone is high and in supporting the pupil learning. As well as this they also ensure all the administrative work of the school is completed to the highest standard.


Our caretaker not only ensures that the school site is well maintained and safe but he also plays football and is the school’s football coach.